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book coverThere is more to light than enabling us to see. Light affects our mood and has an impact on our biology. Conditions for interior lighting have traditionally been derived from a mechanical interpretation of productivity that looks simply at the amount of light needed in order to complete a visual task.

In an office, this would be the optimum brightness of light required to read printed text accurately. This has become locked into a standardised lighting code in the UK that does not account for the variation of human behaviour or activity. The result is often over-lit spaces, putting stress on energy resources and the people who work there.

Light Volumes, Dark Matters is the first project undertaken by Megaman Charity Trust Fund in partnership with Royal College of Art, Helen Hamlyn Centre. It investigates an alternative approach to how commercial interiors are lit and challenges architects and designers to rethink artificial lighting in buildings with the introduction of a more sustainable and inclusive lighting agenda.

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Light Volumes, Dark Matters

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