Light Volumes Dark Matters – the debate continues in Australia

book cover Workplace environment lighting is still a hot topic among lighting professionals, and is set to raise further debate as part of the SPARC International Lighting Event on Tuesday 7 June in Sydney, Australia. Among the speakers at the three-day event will be Associate Professor, Dr Scott Drake and Fred Bass from the Megaman Charity Trust Fund, who will re-address the points from the recently published book, Light Volumes Dark Matters by Claudia Duston.

The book, produced in conjunction with the Megaman Charity Trust Fund explores the impact of high levels of light in work places and its effect on productivity and human needs. Dr Drake, who works in the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Melbourne, and Fred Bass, Managing Director at Neonlite and board member of the Megaman Charity Trust Fund will be highlighting the issues that continue to affect current working environments and new-build briefs.

“Commercial lighting solutions are much harder to get right than many people think,” commented Fred Bass. “Build project lighting briefs set out to achieve everything from optimum design to environmental standards, but light levels should also set out to achieve a productive working environment – this is often neglected and one size will never fit all. SPARC is the perfect platform to keep the debate alive among professionals to ensure that lighting is never just about the ‘on and off’ switch.”

Dr Scott Drake and Fred Bass will be speaking at 17:20 in the Parkview Ballroom, Doltone House on Tuesday 7 June.

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Light Volumes, Dark Matters

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