Light Volumes, Dark Matters
Seminar at the RCA, London - 29/09/10

The Light Volumes, Dark Matters seminar raised major issues from both speakers and audiences alike. Not least was the issue of the impact that high levels of light have on the people who work under them; it is often forgotten, or maybe ignored, that artificial light does not follow the natural rhythm of daylight. Thus, commercial lighting solutions are not normally inclusive of individual needs; but more based on inflexible engineering measures, rather than a practical or imaginative response to human needs. Light, like health, is a complex issue and, in this arena, one size certainly does not fit all.

"Artificial lighting is one of the set of conditions in the built environment that has a profound effect on a person's physiological and psychological health," said Claudia Dutson, Author. "Light does more than enable vision," Dutson added.

Light Volumes, Dark Matters, the book set to challenge current practices in workplace environment lighting, was launched on 29th September to an audience of 100 plus designers and architects at the Royal College of Art, London. The book, the culmination of 2 years research by Helen Hamlyn research associate Claudia Dutson, was produced at the RCA in partnership with the Megaman Charity Trust Fund.

"It has become an inescapable fact that many of our commercial interiors - shops, showrooms and offices - are over illuminated," said Jeremy Myerson, Professor of Design at the RCA. "This is an unsustainable approach for the environment and detrimental to the wellbeing of workers. Claudia Dutson's Light Volumes, Dark Matters tackles current lighting practice head on," added Myerson, who chaired the seminar debate.

Other speakers at the Light Volumes, Dark Matters seminar included world renowned lighting expert Jonathan Speirs of Speirs + Major; designer and curator Jane Withers; and artist David Batchelor.

Light Volumes, Dark Matters challenges lighting design enshrined in the UK's lighting codes.
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Light Volumes, Dark Matters

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