Claudia Dutson
Megaman Research Associate at the Helen Hamlyn Centre, The Royal College of Art
and author of Light Volumes, Dark Matters

david batchelorClaudia Dutson started out her career in media in the 1990s when analogue methods of production were rapidly being made redundant by the arrival of digital technology. The emergence of digital content delivery presented opportunities for both media and design. Claudia worked in media consultancy for three years, co-writing reports on the convergence of new technologies and developments in digital media.

As Enron's collapse reconfigured the new media industry, Claudia had been redirecting her career. She started a degree in Architecture at the University of East London, where the question of digital vs. analogue was further addressed. Her research expanded to challenge other dichotomies in architecture such as culture/nature, theory/practice and the predominance of visual experience over a tactile one, particularly with reference to design processes.

After graduating from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Architecture in 2008, her research has been focused on the physiological and psychological experience of interior environments in architecture. Claudia has recently written Light Volumes, Dark Matters, the result of a two-year research programme at the Helen Hamlyn Centre, supported by the Megaman Charity Trust.